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Company Vision

The so-called culture is the sum of what we do.

Company Vision

Pursue excellence and create quality products

Zhejiang OLANTAI Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lantai has always been aiming to become a leader in the Chinese printing industry. All employees of the company are striving to achieve this ambitious goal. We continuously introduce domestic and foreign advanced equipment and technology, improve the quality of the printing industry, and cultivate excellent technical and management talents. In order to further improve the operation and relationship system, we More advanced international management techniques are used to improve the company's management operations.

Lan Tai Shi talent is the foundation of the company's success. In terms of cultivating talents, Lantai provides various domestic and international training programs, participates in world exhibitions, understands the needs of the world, and provides learning opportunities for outstanding employees.

Zhejiang Lantai Company also needs to fulfill its social responsibilities while promoting its own enterprise development. For this reason, we have begun to pay great attention to the construction of environmental protection facilities in the early stage of construction, to minimize the impact of production on the environment. To create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, and to pursue the harmonious unity of enterprise, environment and society and mutual benefit and win-win is the unremitting efforts of Lantai people.

Zhejiang Lantai Company aims to produce the best quality and provide the most meticulous service. Our company has received good glory and good comments from all walks of life, and we also receive the trust and support of our customers. "Quality is our life and reputation is the foundation of development." We believe that this is our aim and follows the principle of "interests for mutual benefit and common development".